Teguise, Lanzarote

Teguise claims to be the first place on the Canaries to be inhabited by the Spanish in the very early 1400's and therefore has a rich history, and became the capital of Lanzarote for nearly half a century.

Teguise was the first capital (until 1852) and is situated in the centre of the island. It has very pretty streets, traditional buildings balconies and courtyards.

The oldest building on the island is the Palacio de Marques, located in Teguise. This building dates from 1455 and has a coat of arms and a date above the door. The Palacio de Marques was the headquarters of the island government and in troubled times the Teguise inhabitants could enter this building and use a passage that lead to the Castillo Santa Barbara.

The Castillo Santa Barbara was built in the 16th century, as a lookout for invading pirates and was under attack several times. Some reconstruction was done in 1586 and the castle has not changed mush since. Today it provides a viewpoint over Teguise and hosts the Museum of Emigration. This interesting museum documents the difficulties that made many Canarian islanders leave the islands bound for America and traces their effect on the development of the Americas.

Teguise hosts the main market on Lanzarote, and is held each Sunday. Almost the whole town is covered by stalls selling a wide range of products. The quiet town of Teguise is quite transformed by the amount of visitors that descend from all over Lanzarote.

While we were there a jazz band were playing in a bar, and you could watch a display of Canarian Sports in a tent near the church in the centre of town.

Teguise Market

Canarian Stick Fighting Canarian Wrestling

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Teguise Jazz

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Teguise Lanzarote

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