Salinas de Janubio, Lanzarote

The Salinas de Janubio, are large salt pans. Lots of sea salt was prepared in many areas on the Canaries in years gone by drying out the sea water under the hot sun. The salt here was used for preserving the fish caught off the shores. The salt it produced would also have been used in the curing of meat and domestic products, as well as the treatment of hides. This continues to be the only commercial salt works on the island, although the amount produces these days is only a fraction of what was produced in the past.

The Salinas de Janubio is also popular with birdwatchers as there is a whole host of birdlife to be seen, including the Black-winged Stilt (Himantopus himantopus) which is common in Salinas de Janubio .

To the south there is a large beach with lots of black sand, but if you go swimming you need to be aware of the very strong currents here.

Salinas de Janubio, Lanzarote

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Salinas de Janubio

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