Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote

Puerto del Carmen is quite close to the airport, and this tourist resort grew from a fishing village into Lanzarote's biggest resort.

There are three lovely beaches Playa Grande and Playa de los Pocillos and Playa Matagorda. Lanzarote’s only casino, the Casino de Lanzarote. can be found here.

Along the Avenida de las Playas, the main street in Puerto del Carmen, there are lots of shops restaurants and bars, and you will also find a modern shopping centre the Biosfere, which has four floors of shops bars and entertainment if you need to get away from the sun for a while. There are also several more shopping centres to the north of Puerto del Carmen, and when you walk that way you can find a crazy golf course to have fun with.

Biosfere Shopping Centre

Diving seems to be a popular activity and when we were there were several groups of people who were about to dive or had just finished diving. This suggests that there are several species of fish etc that you can see quite close to the shore.

The harbour area, to the south of the resort, is very pretty retaining some of the original charm of Puerto del Carmen. People were feeding the fish and the flock of ducks that were resident there and didn't seem to notice that it was sea water. There were also some in the road, so be careful if you park there, unless you like duck pate! (Joke).

One of the largest hotels is the Hotel Fariones, which is named after its lighthouse! You can see the lighthouse in the background of the photograph. There is a sports club called Centro Deportive Fariones, that offers, martial arts, tennis, gym, dance, chess, ping pong and has a park and a childrens' play area, which is located to the rear of the Hotel Fariones.

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Biosfere, Puerto del Carmen

Jogging on the beach

Hotel Fariones, Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen Beach

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