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The climate in Lanzarote is a result of its geographic location and its low mountains. The most northerly and easterly of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote's weather is influenced by the trade winds, which blow from a NNE direction and are strongest in July and August, providing a cooling breeze.

The low mountains mean that the moist air carried by the trade winds is not lifted high enough to cause it to rain. The highest mountains are at the northern end of the island and the prevailing wind tends to carry the clouds that form over Lanzarote, which is probably why it is a little less sunny than Fuerteventura, its nearest neighbour.

When the wind blows from the east it sometimes carries dust over from the Sahara Desert and this dust can be seen in the air as a calima. When a calima occurs in the summer it is usually accompanied by very warm weather, but this normally only lasts a few days before the temperatures return to their usual pleasant levels.

Lanzarote Weather / Climate
Month Max temp
( hrs avg)
January 21 C 7
February 21 C 8
March 24 C 8
April 24 C 8
May 25 C 9
June 26 C 11
July 28 C 10
August 29 C 11
September 29 C 8
October 27 C 7
November 24 C 6
December 21 C 7

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Strange Cloud Effect

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