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Lanzarote Airport Location

Lanzarote Airport is located half way between Arricefe and Puerto del Carmen, on the east coast of Lanzarote. The airport is also known as Guacimeta. It has two terminals. Terminal one is for international flights, and is much larger than terminal two, which is for flights within the Canaries.

Terminal One

Lanzarote Airport Terminal One

As you arrive at terminal one you will be in the downstairs part of the building. The car hire booths will be to your left as you leave the baggage collection hall, the tour reps will be on your right.

The check-in area for departures is located on the first floor. There is a pharmacy and a doctor in attendance in case of medical problems. There are quite a few shops and a cafe before you go through security, and more shops and cafes on the other side.


The airport contains both an information centre, located on the first floor, for enquiries regarding the airport itself and a tourist information centre, on the ground floor, where you can get information on what is happening on Lanzarote or advice on how to get to your destination.

Lanzarote Airport Information

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Airport Taxis

The airport taxis will be waiting for you outside the airport doors. At quiet times the taxi drivers may be playing cards.

Lanzarote Airport Taxi Lanzarote Airport Taxi Drivers

Airport Car Parking

There is space for around 1250 cars at the airport. parking is free for the first half hour. From then on it is 1.716 cents per minute until after the 60th minute when it is 1.635. That works out at around 50 cents for the second half hour. The daily price is €10.30.

Lanzarote Airport CAr Parking Lanzarote Airport CAr Parking Charges

Smoking Area

Since the Spanish no smoking laws came in at 2007, smoking is not allowed inside the buildings, but there is an area for smokers to the left of the building as you enter it from the outside.

Lanzarote Airport Smoking Area

Terminal Two

Lanzarote Airport Terminal Two

Terminal two is a much smaller affair with a shop and a cafe. The toilets are quite well hidden but can be found to the the rear of this shop, the entrance being to the left of the shop.

If you have time to spare, there is a Cezar Manrique mural on the opposite side of the wall behind the cafe. YOu can see from the photograph that it is quite a large piece of artwork. On the way out of the airport you will see the first of many Manrique wind sculptures that are dotted about Lanzarote.

Lanzarote Airport Toilets Cezar Manrique Mural

Airport Museum

Lanzarote Old Airport Airport Museum Plane

Lanzarote's old airport, which was in service between 1946-1970 has now become a museum, which gives insights into the development of Lanzarote, much of which came about via tourism.

The museum contains photographs, navigational instruments and you can visit the old control tower and see the passenger baggage and check in areas.

It is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am to 2pm.

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Manrique Wind Sculpture Manrique Wind Sculpture

Lanzarote Airport Control Tower Lanzarote Airport Control Tower

Lanzarote Airport Cafe Lanzarote Airport Cafe

Lanzarote Airport Departures Terminal Two

Lanzarote Airport Departures Lanzarote Airport Departures

Lanzarote Airport, Tourist Information Lanzarote Airport, Tourist Information

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