Isla Graciosa

Isla Graciosa is part of a protected zone of the Parque Natural del Archipielago Chinijo which contains the uninhabited small islands of Montaña Clara, Roque del Este and Alegranza.

You will get to it via a 20 minute boat trip from Orzola on the mainland, a small village with a lovely golden beach. The ferry is actually a glass bottomed catamaran called the Graciosero Uno.

The water between the mainland of Lanzarote and the Isla Graciosa is named El Rio or river however, the currents are quite strong around the Isla Graciosa so it is safer to swim in a protected area which you can find by the harbour.

There are some good beaches there, but as there are few vehicles on the island you will need to walk or hire a bike if you want to explore further. The island has few inhabitants and so you can find secluded beaches if you chose to explore.

The highest point on the Isla Graciosa is the Pedro Barba and via a road beside this you can get to the other village on the island, also called Pedro Barba.

You can get a good view of Isla Graciosa from the Mirador del Rio which was designed by Cesar Manrique and is built into the rocks opposite the island.

Pedro Barba, Isla de la Graciosa
Pedro Barba, Isla de la Graciosa

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Caleta del Sebo
Caleta del Sebo, Capital of Isla de las Graciosa

Isla de la Graciosa Ferry
Graciosero Uno.

Isla de la Graciosa
Isla de la Graciosa

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